Justin Bieber, Dj Skrillex and Other Celebrities on Hoverboards

Read the interesting list of Celebrities that love Hoverboards. It is two-wheeled electric scooters that are also known as self-balancing scooters.

They are portable, powered by batteries, and can control by body position.

The hoverboards gained enormous popularity since their first introduction and received thundering applause from thousands of people. The interest and demand of the hoverboards reached such a peak that even the most popular hoverboards brands having difficulties in coping up the requirements.

We are all fond of hoverboard scooters, don’t we? Why shouldn’t we in love with a hoverboard?

The fantastic idea of such an echo friendly and viable form of transport is more comfortable for all to ride and have fun!!

You must become attached for the first time with this sexy little beast as I did, and wondering how to ride a hoverboard?

Well, it’s pretty simple, with practice anyone can quickly get to know how to fun ride with a hoverboard.

You bend forward to drive in forward, lean backward to drive in reverse, put a little bit pressure with right foot to take a smooth right turn and by placing a bit more pressure on left will let you turn left.

For me it took so many tries before a fun ride, if I did, you could do very quickly.

Many people using it as a substitute mode of transport and they use it for everyday commutes.

Trust me, the hoverboard scooters are very compact, and the ability to achieve good speed is perfect and ideal for metropolitan commuting.

But it doesn’t mean that only common people are choosing the hoverboards as a transport, also many celebrities too, enjoying the fun ride of a hoverboard.

In this article we’re compiling a list of celebrities on hoverboards, keep reading!!

Celebrities That Love Hoverboard

Hoverboards are now super famous; much popularity is due to many superstars and celebrities are being spotted riding overboard.

Wiz Khalifa on Hoverboard

Millions of us inspired by celebrities to use the hoverboards. It’s all begun a few years back; it was Wiz Khalifa who brought a hoverboard to the attention of the mainstream. The rapper Wiz Khalifa was riding the hoverboard inside LAX airport and warned by the airport’s authority not to ride inside the airport and get off of hoverboard, but Wiz Khalifa refused to do, and officials tackled him to the ground.

The news soon got viral and spread like fire in the world, and many people knew about the two-wheeled hoverboard.

Here is the Golden Hoverboard which Wiz Khalifa is riding at the LAX airport.

Gold Lamborgini Hoverboard


Jamie Foxx on a Hoverboard

Jamie Fox on Hoverboard

Jamie Foxx, a Hollywood movie star, is also brought the hoverboards into attention. Jamie Foxx appeared in the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on his sexy yellow hoverboard along with holding an American flag in hands.

And his impressive appearance gone viral in seconds that was one of the reasons many people fell in love with hoverboards.

Here is the Hoverboard ride that is pictured (Yellow seems to be continued by Swagtron)

Jamie Fox on Hoverboard

Justin Bieber on a Hoverboard

Justin bieber on Hoverboard


Who can turn their thumb down when a cute and hottest pop star Justin Bieber appears on the stage?

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Millions of Bieber’s around the world, turn into craziness, teens, and girls shouting their lungs with tears in the eyes when Justin Bieber performs.

Justin Bieber has appeared many time riding on a hoverboard, also posted many videos and pictures while riding on his hoverboard on social media.

With enormous popularity and huge fan following of Justin Bieber, riding a hoverboard will surely make thousands of fans opt for the self-balancing hoverboards.

The model is right here:

Justin bieber on a hoverboard

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DJ Skrillex on a Hoverboard


DJ Skrillex on hoverboard


Here is the model that is pictured above

Dj Skrillex on hoverboard

Chris Brown


Chris Brown on Hoverboard


Here is the model:

Chris brown on a hoverboard

Usain Bolt


Usain Bolt on Hoverboard


Here is Usain Bolt’s model:

Justin bieber on a hoverboard

Lily Allen on a Hoverboard


Lily Allen on Hoverboard


Here is the white model of Lily Alen:

lily alen on a hoverboard

Cash Warren on a Hoverboard

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Cash Warren on Hoverboard


Have a look at this model: 

Justin bieber on a hoverboard

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez on a Hoverboard


Casper Smart on Hoverboard

Here is the model:

City Cruiser Hoverboard 8.5" Self Balancing Scooter

Celebrities riding on these sexy gadgets have fallen the people more in love and of the hoverboards, and it is the reason the sale and popularity are increasing every year.

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