How To Fix a Hoverboard Yourself at Home

Top Pro ways by a Hoverboard GEEK

What! Hoverboard is becoming a headache as it is not working fine? Oh, come on, dude! We are here to help you out in this severe issue. 

We know you love your hoverboard very much. It is the piece for which you may have waited for maybe your birthday or Christmas to get this techy as your present. Perhaps since then, you are doing your majority of outdoor assignments with the help of moving of the wheels. One moment you were riding happily over it and the very next moment its starts trembling with a beep and red dread light starts blinking.

Don’t worry as most of the issues are due to misconfiguration on the gyroboard. Hoverboard fails to determine the type of surface it is moving on, or it is moving up or down the hill or even if you are standing on it or not. 

But we are going to reveal the quick-fix solution that will work 8 out of 10 times without spending a single penny, and even you don’t need a working table or toolbox to open it. 

Master Method:

Before diving into the ocean of knowing the ways to fix the hoverboard let us tell how to re-calibrate or master reset the hoverboards which will solve many of the issues you may even know how to get rid of.

It is the master way to kick off many problems that not limited to:

Red light issues/Hoverboard Beeping

Hoverboard continuous beep or unbalancing on either side

Hoverboard not charging properly

You may use either of the methods to restart.

1st Method:

Put the hoverboard on a flat surface and turn it off. Hold the on or off button for 8-10 seconds. It will take 10 seconds maximum when the red circle will appear on Segways and when it will disappear finally then BOOM! You are ready to move on your wheels. 

2nd Method:

Repeat the same method, but this time, you will have to hold the hoverboard in your hands without any movement when calibration is taking place.

Important Tip:

Whenever there is any technical issue appear in your hoverboard:

Try master reset 1st of all. If hoverboard does not get calibration, then you should remove its back cover and unplug and plug all of its cables again. If it still does not work, then you can dig deep for getting it operational.

Hoverboard Red Light Error:

Red light is the major signal that indicates the problem. 

If red light flashes once, it means wires are loose in the hoverboards. Fix this issue by tightening the cables through screwdrivers or reconnecting them. 

Twice or thrice blinking may indicate a circuit problem which can be resolved by replacing the circuit board if the problem is severe

Four or five-time blinking mean the replacement of motor is required. 

Six/Seven times blinking may ask you to replace the battery. 

Eight-time blinking may ask you to replace gyroscope.

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Fixing a hoverboard that won’t turn on:

The primary reason for not turning on of the hoverboard maybe the battery is not charged or not getting charging if the charger is plugged in. However, if the charger is plugged in and the green light is not on it means that the internal circuit of hoverboard require replacement. 

On the contrary, if green light stays on, and when you turn hoverboard on and see an orange light blinks for a while, it means battery replacement is needed.

Fixing a hoverboard that won’t turn off:

If beep of hoverboard keeps going on and does not turn off then in such case, you should steer the matter on your own. 1st of all you need to flip the hoverboard and unscrew the lower case and remove the battery by doing so you will land up to the silence from that irritating beeping sound. After this, you need to purchase a hoverboard repair kit to solve your problem yourself.

One side of a hoverboard not working:

male and female gyroscope

Sometimes faulty gyroscope is the main reason when one side of a hoverboard is working, and other is not.

Replacement of gyroscope will help you to kick off this problem. However, before replacement of gyroscope, you must have perfect knowledge of gyroscope, whether it is male or female.

The male gyroscope has one wire harness and a couple of receiving ports while female gyroscope has no wire harness and more than two receiving ports. The problem will resolve if you a corrected gyroscope is replaced.

Fixing a wet hoverboard:

It may happen that you are enjoying your ride on hoverboard and suddenly it started to rain heavily. You just need to switch off the board and remove its motherboard and the battery. First of all, clean the wet parts with a dry towel or thick tissue and let the remaining parts dry completely. 

If any of the parts mentioned above are soaked, then you need to put a smart wheel in a raw rice-filled bowl. Yes, this trick does not work only for wet smartphones; instead, it equally works perfectly fine hoverboard too.

If the problem still persists after applying all the tips mentioned above, then you might need to replace some of the parts by ordering them online.

Charging Problem:

The most common problem of any electronic gadget maybe it’s charging. You must put all these tips into consideration while you are tackling with this charging heck.

You must read and follow the instructions manual before using hoverboard.

After the charger is plugged in red light indicates charger has started charging the machine properly and it will take max 2 to 3 or 4 hrs in certain cases to get fully charged. Green light’s appearance is the signal that hoverboard is fully charged.

Hoverboard Slow Charging 

This issue arises due to charging with the wrong charger or temperature conditions are not suitable for using the brand of the hoverboard. Do contact your seller directly and make sure that you have read the product description regarding the charger and it’s charging.

If the charger shows no light at all then make sure these things.

A 3-prong plug is okay.

Charging port is matched with plug.

Charging cable is completely fit.

If any of these are not working, then you will have to replace it with a new one.

Pad Getting Stuck:

If you find your hoverboard stuck and it did not move the reason may be board is unable to sense whether a rider is on it or not. Switching it off and placing the pads again may work for you. In case of failure, open its lowercase and reposition the pads internally to fix the problem.

Hoverboard Balance Problem:

If the self-balancing hoverboard is unable to get balanced, it may have one of the following reasons.

The self-balancing mode is not activated at all. For getting this work for you just put the board on a flat surface and check both feet and pedals for easier detection.

Re-calibration or disconnected wires may be the reason, and you can solve this issue accordingly by taking the right step in the right direction.

Last but not least, the faulty gyroscope may be the culprit, and its replacement will give you sigh of relief.   

Pressure Sensor not working:

pressure sensor not working of a hoverboard

Pressure sensors identify the rider on the board. If the sensor is not in working condition, you need to open its lowercase, and you will find the sensor near the wheel.

When you step on the board, wings of the sensor joins due to exerted weight over it and the board senses its rider. If it does not happen, you need to replace it and try to purchase it outside of the USA for an economical solution. 

After getting the new one, you can replace this by opening its lower case and place it in its right position and make sure it is properly placed and well-aligned.

Vibration after Dismounting:

Sometimes you may experience the circular spinning or shakes that may be out of control when you step off. The common reason is that air gets locked in the air pads. Just press the pads, and you will hear the sound of emission.

You can simply do it by turning off the hoverboard and open its back cover. You can ascertain the problem side by touching with your hand. When you take off the cover, you will see the opening face of a plastic bag, and you need to open the lips of the bag with a small size cut of a knife. After doing so, just place everything back in its place, and your board is ready to ride.

In case you can’t remove every component just use the tip of a pen to release airlock but take great care so that no crucial part of the bag gets damaged.

This video can be helpful for getting this task done.

Locked wheels of hoverboard:

If wheels of your hoverboard get locked and don’t move, then you need to open the wheel by unscrewing it and check its washer.

Most of the time, wheels get locked when it self-balancing part get broken, and space is jammed. After opening the wheel and replacing the washer will solve your problem. 


We have tried to cover as much as possible and provide all the answers to hoverboards issues. But still, if you have any other question that is not covered in this article, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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