How Fast Does A Hoverboard Go

What is Hoverboard?

The hoverboard can be considered as an upgraded version of the stake boards, also known as self-balancing scooters. They are around since 2013 and were introduced by the businessman Shane Chan. But later on, other companies also started producing the improved and similar version of the hoverboards to capture the market.

The hoverboard is the personal portable device that can be used effectively to commute in the town and for many other purposes. In the nutshell, it is the two-wheeled scooter that operates with electric consumption. And to the rider, it provides the pads in between wheels so that he can stand on it with the stability.

While riding it, the rider can control this tiny scooter by giving the instructions to it, by just using the body movements. Lean forward or backward is the simple trick, to move the wheels in the desired direction. But it is not that much simple as it seems like. You have to practice hundreds of time to master the art of riding self-balancing scooters.

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Hoverboards got the attention of the masses when the celebrities started showing up in the parties on the Hoverboard. Since then, everyone wants to ride it at least once. But there are certain legal restrictions are associated with this device. Some of the countries are not allowing it to the guy who is below 16 years, while some countries do not allow to ride it on the roads without wearing helmet due to safety measures.

If you are attracted towards this power scooter, then you have to consider your regions legal laws before riding this, otherwise, you could face some serious issues.

How Fast Does A Hoverboard Go?

Knowing that these are the power-oriented scooters, many folks want to know how much speed they can achieve on this scooter. You might get the same question. So here’s a quick answer to your question.

Being a power-consuming scooter, these can’t be compared with the skateboards and the bicycles in terms of speed. We would say that it has outranked all of the other similarly designed transporting vehicles, when it comes to the speed.

We can’t mention any specific speed limit of the hoverboards, because the speed varies from model to model and depends on some factors. But in general, the hoverboards can achieve the speed in between 6 to 15 Miles per hour.

There are different factors involved that can enhance or reduce the speed of the Hoverboard. Here we will discuss all of them briefly so that you can calculate how fast your hoverboard can go.

Wheel Size

The wheel size is the most crucial factor that determines the speed of the hoverboard.

While keeping other components constant, and only changing the wheel size could affect the speed with the higher intensity.

The hoverboards wheel size ranges from 6.5” to 10”. The greater the size is, the higher the speed will be. The Minimum wheel size provides the speed around 6 to 8 miles, while the Maximum wheel size can help you to attain the speed of 15 miles per hour.

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Your weight also affects the speed of the hoverboard. If you are too bulky, then it will require more power to attain the maximum possible speed. That’s why you should consider the bearing power of the hoverboard before purchasing it so that you can also enjoy the fastest speed over the hoverboard.

Normally, most of the hoverboards hold the weight-bearing capacity of 200 lbs. to 250 lbs. If your weight is more than this, then consider the premium hoverboards because only they can provide you the maximum speed with the heavier weight.

Battery Life & motor

Battery life also affects the overall speed of the hoverboard. If your hoverboard’s battery instantly drained out of power, then there is no chance that you will experience the maximum speed. Normally, the battery that can last for 3 hours has the guts to serve you with the maximum possible speed.

Lastly, the motor has the responsibility to roll the wheels, therefore, its performance also affects the Speed. It has been noticed that the hoverboard with the dual-motor cruises the rider with the fastest speed.

What is the Average Top Speed For a Segway?

Segway is another innovative device that functions the same as hoverboards do, even the purpose of both devices is similar.

This device has been constructed with the motorized two wheels with the platform that allows the rider to stand on it in an upright position. And the handle has been fixed to provide you the full control over the journey. Moreover, the handle also distributes your weight evenly so that you can keep moving with stability.

Being a motorized device, these can also commute you with the speed that other personal vehicles can’t achieve other than a car. Segway comes in two different models, I and X, which are designed for the smooth and rough terrains respectively. That’s why the speed of both models are different.

Like the hoverboards, it also has many factors including, your weight, wheel size, a motor performance that can affect the overall speed of the Segway. But normally, it has been noticed that the standard Segway produces 1500 watts per servo (it consists of 2 servos), that maximize the speed up to 12.5 Miles per hour.

This is an estimated average speed that could be changed from models to models, and also depends on many other factors.

But the best part about its speed is that the installed sensor automatically tilt back the Segway, once it reaches to the specified maximum speed. That ultimately makes it the safest ride that anyone can undertake to commute in the town.

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