My Hoverboard Battery Life is Too Good – Tips to Follow

A two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, a hoverboard is the exciting mode of transport. It gained tremendous popularity and thundering applause, since the first introduction. Today, hoverboard battery life is much more reliable than it used to be!

The lithium battery is an essential component in the regular hoverboard. Whether you are an experienced rider or a newbie, it is important to know how long does hoverboard battery lasts? What are the factors that can affect battery lifetime?

Most often we buy hoverboards as a gift for our loved one or kids. It’s important to tell them how to maintain the hoverboard to extend the battery lifespan.

You must also learn about a hoverboard battery and battery lifespan, so you enjoy the exciting ride with the most amazing durable board.

How long does the hoverboard battery last?

If the hoverboard is good enough, bought from trustworthy suppliers, and quality is not compromised, it lasts about 9-15 miles per full battery charge or 1-4hours per full charge.

You might be a regular rider, and find the battery range of hoverboard fluctuated every time after full charge, don’t worry it is not a big deal, it affects due to various reasons:

Brands of the battery cell

Don’t need to panic if your hoverboard battery goes down after a ride; it is normal. Most often, the capacity and battery life reduce as you ride on a hoverboard.

Battery life also depends on brands; top brands such as LG and Samsung battery’s cell usually last longer than ordinary brands. There is also a good quality hoverboard battery that has UN38.3 certifications, which last very long.

You must know the brands of your battery, check it out in product descriptions, or have a chat with the supplier before buying a hoverboard.

Here is the list of Best Recommended Chargers for your Hoverboard. 

Types of Hoverboard

Today, in the market, we have four popular types of hoverboards.

The 6.5-inch basic self-balancing scooter, 8 inch Lamborghini, 8.5 inches off-road hoverboard, and 10 inches hoverboard. You might think that a hoverboard with a larger wheel runs more fast and longer than a basic 6.5-inch hoverboard, but it’s not true.

But the fact is, all kinds of hoverboards have an almost same battery capacity of 36v, 4.4ah, so they get similar mileage.

However, the 8″,8.5″ and 10″ models which have larger wheel sizes are best for different terrain situations. Hence the brands and types can affect the performance of your hoverboard.

Weight of rider

Every hoverboard has a different weight limit; the havier riders will drain the battery life of hoverboard and consume the charge more faster. You must always check the hoverboard allowed weight limit before first time ride. Keep in mind; if you are exceeding the weight lilimit, it will consume the battery power faster and also could harm your balance and can lead to a severe injury.

Road conditions and terrains

Most often, we excited so much after buying a new hoverboard, and we don’t bother about the road conditions or neglect the grounds.

We like to have an exciting ride wherever we want, such as sand, grass, carpet, and gravel, etc., it’s not a big deal, but you must know that it can affect the battery life and will consume the battery power much faster.

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Riding a hoverboard on the smooth and flat surface lets the battery last longer than riding on rough surfaces, steep inclines, or terrains. Once your battery power reaches to power-saving mode, you will no longer ride well. So whenever you find an alarming sign of low battery, stop the ride and rush to charge the battery because riding with a flat battery will shorten the lifetime.

Some specific brands set the board with an auto-lock function, where you can see the status of battery life.

Temperature and weather conditions

Don’t ride your hoverboard near explosives and inflammable, riding in the overheat environment can be dangerous and also can drain battery power too quickly.

In winter, your hoverboard might underperform, and you think the battery is damaged. But don’t worries, the battery isn’t dead; it’s likely to get over the limit level of the temperature. Same, in summer it too consumes very quickly.

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It is strongly advised that keep your battery away from too cold or too hot places. Lithium-ion batteries discharge very quickly in the warm weather.

The poor weather conditions can lead to spoiling the electronic component along with the circuit board.

The best option is to keep the batties between 20 to 40-degree celsius.

How to extend the battery life of your hoverboard?

Usually, it takes 1-4hours per full charge.

But the charging cycle of the excellent brand battery will more than 500 times.

Some people are curious and ask how many years it takes to last?

Let suppose if you were riding three times in a week and consumed the battery in each ride, then it can last up to 500/(3*4)≈41.6 months≈3.47 years.

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Isn’t the statistic quite impressive? Yes, indeed, the life span of your hoverboard can fulfill these statistics only if you maintain the battery correctly.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your battery:

Use original charger

Always charge your hoverboard battery with its original charger, don’t change the charger, it can reduce the life span of your battery. Because the original charger is specially designed for your hoverboard and tested before the existing factory. If your charger is damaged or lost, try to buy a new one form your supplier but don’t change the original one.

Charge hoverboard daily

It is strongly advised that charge your balancing scooter every day, even you don’t use it daily. It let your battery in shallow charging and discharging cycle, which are useful to extend the life span.

Don’t let your battery die

The market is flooded with enormous suppliers who offer hoverboards, but not everyone is authentic. Sometimes the customers are complaining that a supplier reaps them with the cheap hoverboard, and it is not turning on.

It can be the battery reason, suppliers some time keep the hoverboard in the warehouse for a couple of years, and battery drain itself, reduced capacity, and finally died at the end.

You must charge your hoverboard as soon you finish your ride, make sure to charge it before dying. Balancing scooter will beep, and then a red light will blink when your battery status shows less than 5%.

By charging it timely could save the battery from discharging entirely and will last for a very long time.

Never overcharge your battery

Don’t leave the charge overnight, unplug before going to sleep, or when it finishes the charge.

However, some good batteries now have overcharging protective board, overcharging can still damage your battery.

Make a habit of proper ride

Don’t apply sudden brakes or accelerate. It can increase the time of gliding. For example, you can also glide instead of brakes; it will improve battery life.

The battery is the heart of the hoverboard; it is beneficial that it maintains correctly and follows all the steps mentioned above.

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