1st Ever Flying Hoverboard Review – Flyboard Pro series by Zapata

First Ever Flying Hoverboard Review - Flyboard Pro series by Zapata

Flyboard Pro Series by Zapata

Ever indulged in daydreaming about flying over water and jumping in and out of the water like a Gannet?

If yes, your dreams have come true. Zapata racing provides you a device that makes you feel like you are flying over the water and lets you jump in and out of the water.

Excited? You must be because this machine is more exhilarating than it sounds.

How does it work?

It is a water-propelled version of the hoverboard, which uses water pressure and jet nozzles to provide thrust to fly the hoverboard up to 70ft.

This device is set in motion by water through a hose, which is attached to a jet-ski.

Riders are strapped into the boots attached to the flyboard, the water pressure created by the jet-ski passes through the 60ft attached hose and is let out through the two nozzles attached beneath the footplate to provide elevation.

Innovations in the Current Model

Significant innovations have been made in this model to make it look and feel different from all the other versions of flyboard water.

Zapata Racing has done well to keep up with the shifting sands of technology by increasing the hydrodynamic efficiency of the hoverboard by 32%. It has brought more excitement to the already exciting concept.

Prime quality plastic and latest technology of carbon fiber construction are used, making it 35% lighter than the previous models and giving the riders a more futuristic experience.

The footplates are enlarged and are made more stable to ensure comfort and safety in the Hydroflying sports. The shoes are made more comfortable and strengthened in the back and in the front to make its users feel secure and snug.

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The other versions of flyboard do not provide the privilege to twist your body while Hydroflying. This model allows you to rotate your body in the air up to 20 degrees as it rotates on its axis.

Even Luddites will love the transparent hydraulic system which allows users to see flowing water inside the machine. To make it more exciting the turbine interface is equipped with a Venturi effect.

What is the Price of the Flying Hoverboard?

You can buy a complete kit for $5720.00 from Amazon.

The set of articles includes Flyboard Deck, 1 pair of bindings,1 rotation system equipped with specific bearings,1 Hose, 1 U pipe which reverses the PWC water outlet,1 quick clip for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard® and the PWC.

Most resorts and stores rent flyboards for around $190 for 30 minutes flight and 20 minutes pre-flight lessons. It is worth to buy your own flyboard because it looks addictive.


Is Flying Hoverboard Safe?

Safety factors were preferred while designing the device, but you cannot reduce risks to zero since every sport has risk involved.

Here are few ideas to help you stay safe during Hydroflying

  • Use the right personal floatation device.
  • Wear helmet since you will fall a lot during Hydroflying.
  • Listen to the pre-flight lesson carefully and comply with the instructions.
  • Be aware of the current and forecast weather conditions.

Hydro flying is considered one of the safest water sports and currently Zapata Flyingboard Pro series is the safest Flyingboard in the market.

Give it a try because We only live once.


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