10 Best Electric Skateboard (Buyers Guide 2022)

In the United States, Skateboarding began when surfers were looking for an activity or sport to enjoy when the waves were unsuitable for surfing. It has become a popular sport in the United States and France; therefore, companies that manufacture skateboards are bringing innovation for market share.

Electric Skateboards are trending, and people are now using e-skateboards for daily commutes. Renowned companies are introducing new models of Skateboards every other day, so it has become hard to choose among too many options. Our experts tested many electric skateboards and compiled the best electric skateboard for you.

Have a Look at the Best Electric Skateboards Our Experts Reviewed in 2022

1. Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard – Top Pick

The first generation stood at a high-water mark, and the 2nd generation is even better. The ferocious speed together with extra traction grip tape makes it a popular choice among skateboarders and daily commuters.Boosted 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard - Top Pick

The powerful motor allows it to carry a weight of 250lbs at a speed 22 mph, and it can cross a slope of 25 degrees. No matter where you live, the powerful motor will not let you down.

It has the option to choose between two ranges; 6 and 12 miles. Initially, it came with a board of 6 miles range later boosted introduced the 12 miles, range board.

The Bluetooth-enabled remote creates links between the rider and the board. The acceleration and brake can be controlled smoothly through the remote, which is safer than the conventional system. It is a well-built electric skateboard that can last forever if taken care of as it is designed with vehicle-grade durability in mind.

It is a perfect choice for daily commute as it is fast and responsive. Plus, it is easy to carry as it is lightweight and compact.

  • One of the fastest Skateboards
  • Well-engineered and Well- Built
  • Extra traction grip tape
  • Lightweight Electric Skateboard
  • The option of two range boards
  • It is expensive

2. Teamgee H5 – Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

The slim and flexible deck of H5 gives it an edge over its competitors. The deck is made of Canadian Maple and fiberglass, so it is stronger than a nail and flexible like a web. The invisible battery gives the deck a sharp and aesthetic look.Teamgee H5 - Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

The slim deck is not the only impressive feature but one of many. The 760W dual motor enables the board to reach a speed of 22 mph and to summit steep roads. It can cross a 25-degree slope with a weight of 200lbs.

It has a range of 8-11 miles, depends on the weight and road. Unlike most skateboards, the range doesn’t change frequently. It stays the same no matter how frequently it is used. Plus, the battery charges when it is ridden downhill.

The smart remote performs every function that is crucial for safe riding. The visualized driving data and headlight design are bold and unique features that Teamgee added to this model. It may sound a bit odd, but a headlight on remote is more effective than the conventional headlights.

For off-roading, the deck is elevated from the ground, and a bushing system is added that together with the gripping tires make it compatible with most terrains.
It is the best electric skateboard in 2022 for you, if you want to replace your car with a skateboard.

  • It is the thinnest e-skateboard.
  • It is the best all-terrain skateboard.
  • It is comfortable on bumpy roads.
  • It doesn’t stop when separated from the remote.

3. Urban Pro ESkateboard – Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

URBANPRO is a newborn but has already made an impression by introducing the stylish and sophisticated eskateboard. The 400W motor, combined with the big tires makes it a perfect choice for off-roading. It can cross a slope of 20 degrees easily, even with a weight of more than 200lbs.Urban Pro ESkateboard - Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

The Deck is 11-ply of Maple wood and fiberglass that can bear a maximum weight of 280lbs and add to the comfort in bumpy roads.

It has a maximum speed of 20mph and is controlled through a remote, which connects with the board easily and is small enough to fit in the palm. To support the breathtaking speed, the brakes are designed responsive, and the tires are gripping.

The 4.0 AH Lithium Battery provides energy up to 10 miles when charged fully, and it only takes 3 hours to charge the battery. The battery is UL certified, and it only heats up when overcharged.

URBANPRO offers excellent customer service and gives a 12-month warranty of the electric board and 3-month warranty of the accessories.
The board is strong and durable, but it is slightly heavier than the rest of the skateboards on our list.

  • Best off-road electric skateboard
  • Strong and aesthetic Deck
  • Thrilling speed
  • URBANPRO offers a 12-month warranty
  • It is slightly heavy.

4. Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

Many suggest that SKATEBOLT is named after lightning bolt, but I would say that it is named after Usain Bolt as it is unbeatable other than being fast. The two 500W motors are powerful enough to conquer a slope of 25 degrees and to accelerate the skateboard up to 25 mph.Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

You might be worried about safety after looking at the speed, but it has two riding modes; for busy neighborhoods, it has a normal mode which locks the speed at 13.5 mph, and in sports mode it can go up to 25 mph.

The battery has a range of 15-20 miles, depending on the terrain and weight. It is the best long-range electric skateboard.

The deck is made of eight layers of Maple Wood and can bear a maximum weight of 280lbs. For comfort and safety, the tires and deck are designed wider.

The remote controller has an LCD screen which shows every necessary detail, required for the smooth operation of the skateboard. The SKATEBOLT has two red taillights for safety, which are accessed through the remote controller. It has a regenerative brake system, battery charges during braking, which has passed several quality tests.

  • It has two powerful motors.
  • Max speed of 25 mph.
  • Two riding moods.
  • 8-ply Maple deck.
  • It has the most extended range.
  • The braking system works differently.

5. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted introduced this model to cover skateboarders with different priorities; It is safe and still thrilling and powerful.Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Mini X Electric Skateboard has a deep deck making it easy to stick to the skateboard, but it is not comfortable in bumpy roads. It has a powerful machine that enables it to cross any hill with 20 degrees slope and to make it safe Boosted has equipped it with three riding moods.

Another impressive feature is its smart battery that charges entirely only in one and a half hours, and its charge lasts for 14 miles, which is rare in electric skateboards. It has a top speed of 20 mph; you can save tons of oil by used Boosted Mini X for a daily commute and you may look cooler and more responsible.

It is compact, easy to carry in subways, and the weight won’t be a problem either. Most of the electric skateboards are difficult to handle, but Mini X is well-engineered; its torque is neat. Plus, the kick tail design helps with sharp turns and quick pivoting.
It counts as a high-end electric Skateboard, but it is not sturdy, so if not used with care, it will not last long.

  • The design allows for quick pivoting.
  • The deep deck helps in Balancing.
  • The range and charge time are impressive.
  • It is not sturdy.

6. Hiboy S11 Lightweight Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 is designed for newbies; it is easy to handle, and its top speed is 12.4 mph. It has four riding modes and four brake modes, which makes it easy to control the electric skateboard.Hiboy S11 Lightweight Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard is made of high-quality materials; therefore, it only weighs 7.9lbs. The lightweight may imply fragility, but it is as strong as a nail and highly portable. The excellent customer service of the manufacturer makes it more attractive; the staff of Hiboy replies within an hour.

Unlike the other skateboards on our list, this has a battery range of only 6.2 miles, but it is the best value for the price as most skateboards at the same price range are rudimentary. As Hiboy has immense experience of creating environmentally-friendly personal transportation; therefore, Hiboy S11 has no major drawback and fulfills the purpose for which it has been designed, for short commute and fun, and it is the safest skateboard because of the riding and braking modes.

Plus, it comes with a remote controller that makes it super easy to control the board.

It has a weight capacity of 40-180lbs, but it cannot cross hills even with 40lbs because of the less powerful motor. It is designed for kids and newbies so if you are a pro skateboarder then this model is not for you.

  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Comes with a remote controller .
  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • It cannot cross hills.

7. Swagtron Swagskate NG3 – Best Budget Electric Skateboard

Intending to reincorporate the experience of conventional skateboards into electric skateboards; Swagtron introduced kick-assist electric skateboard. Swagskate NG3 has smart sensors that help to kick-assist and can differentiate between kick-off and a true dismount.Swagtron Swagskate NG3 - Best Budget Electric Skateboard

The NG3 model is designed for kids; therefore, its speed locks at 9.3 mph and the deck is designed deep and broad for extra safety. It is comfortable as the deck together with the large tires helps to absorb shocks in bumpy roads.

It is made rugged and durable, no matter how many days your ride it the experience remains the same. But it can’t maintain speed even in the slightest incline.

The battery range is 4-6 miles, depends on the weight of the rider. It has a weight capacity of 150lbs.

The board only weighs 7.6 pounds and is 20 inches long; that is why it is highly portable.
At the start, you may find it difficult to control the kick-assist motion, but once you get used to it is more fun than the remote control.

  • Highly Durable.
  • The kick-assist feature is fun.
  • The deck is wide and safe.
  • Comfortable in bumpy roads.
  • It is a budget electric skateboard.
  • The kick-assist feature can be complicated initially

8. Aceshin Portable Electric Skateboard

The Aceshin eskateboard is ideal for learning skateboarding as it has three modes; For beginners, novice and pro. The maximum speed is 12 mph, but it can be reduced by changing the mode.Aceshin Portable Electric Skateboard

Apart from the modes, Aceshin put successful efforts to make the deck flexible and strong at the same time, the deck is made of maple wood and has been reinforced with hard maple wood. The PU tires absorb shock and do not slip with brake.

It has a range of 8 miles, but it depends on the weight and terrain, so if you are riding it on a bumpy road with a heavyweight, then the range may reduce to 5-6 miles. It can bear a maximum weight of 80kg and weighs only 3.7kg.

The remote that comes with the board can control the board even from a distance of 14 meters and pairs in seconds. One can control acceleration, both forward and backward, brakes and direction with the remote.

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The 350W hub motor is superior to belt motors in many ways; It is noiseless and durable. The motor helps the board to conquer slopes without altering the speed.

It is the best affordable electric skateboard on our list.

  • It is affordable and also equipped with all the features that an electric skateboard must-have.
  • It is highly portable because of its lightweight and compact size.
  • The three modes are perfect for learners.
  • The speed is not enough for pro skateboarders.

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9. BLITZART Huracane Electric Scooter

The deck made of Maple wood and Bamboo looks classy, and it comes in five different colors. Other than the looks, it has an astonishing speed and battery range. BLITZART is a well-reputed skateboard company California, and it kept its legacy by introducing Huracane.BLITZART Huracane Electric Scooter

It has a top speed of 17 miles and can be controlled through Ergonomic Wireless Remote. The Ergonomic Wireless Remote is responsive and has a wrist tape to prevent it from dropping. But sometimes the remote takes time to connect with the skateboard, the only drawback of BLITZART.

The battery range is 6-8 miles depending on the weight and terrain. The lithium-ion battery takes 3 hours max to charge fully.

It is also equipped with reverse capability, which is very rare in skateboards. It has a hub board that is superior to other boards and aesthetics. Plus, the motor is tranquil; you cannot even hear it while it is running.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro; both will equally enjoy the thrill and balance of the aesthetic skateboard.

  • It has a Reverse Capability.
  • A top speed of 17 mph.
  • Aesthetic and strong deck.
  • Connectivity problem of the remote.

10. RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

The RazorX is the most balanced electric skateboard on our list as it comes at a low price and has almost every feature that high-end skateboards offer. It is made of high-quality materials; therefore, it lasts longer than expected.RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

RazorX has a top speed ten mph and a battery range of 6.6 miles. The remote controller includes a wrist strap and is responsive. The deck is made of 5-ply bamboo, which is strong and has a grip tape to ensure stability and the wide tires are ground-gripping. But the tires cannot provide comfort in bumpy roads.

It can cross slight inclines but cannot maintain the speed in slopes more than 10 degrees, and its maximum weight capacity is 220lbs, but it can’t summit even the slightest slopes with a load more than 150lbs.

The motor of RazorX is noisy, and you might feel reluctant to ride it at nighttime in your neighborhood. But in the daytime, it feels like riding a heavy bike because of the screeching sounds and motor noise. Other than that, it is the best cheap electric skateboard that offers almost everything at a low price.

  • 5-ply bamboo deck.
  • It comes at a low price.
  • The grip tape and ground-gripping tires provide stability.
  • The motor is noisy.




Final Verdict

We will recommend two skateboards instead of one since we know that preferences change. Moreover, every electric skateboard that we have mentioned is reliable; you won’t regret buying any of them according to your need after going through the guide.

We recommend Boosted 2nd generation dual for a daily commute and fun riding as it is thrilling and powerful. The board is well-engineered and lasts longer than any other skateboard, so if you are not tight on the budget, then it is a perfect choice.

Our 2nd choice is URBANPRO, it is not expensive, like Boosted, and has a sturdy frame. The board has an impressive and range and has no major drawback. Plus, URBANPRO offers excellent customer service and gives a 12-month warranty of the electric board and 3-month warranty of the accessories.

Why should you consider Buying Electric Skateboard?

As the population and irresponsible consumption is increasing, the need for an eco-friendly and cheap source of transport is growing as well. Apart from that, the roads are getting busier, and the nostalgia is getting intense, you may have ridden a skateboard in your teenage, but now you don’t have you time to go to a skateboard park, that is why electric skateboards are recommended so you could avoid traffics and oil, and reexperience your teenage time by using electric skateboards for daily commutes.

Electric Skateboards are safe and easy to use, unlike conventional skateboards which require time and skill. Many impressive designs and features are being added to electric transport every second day that it now seems that these will replace cars and other forms of transportation in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Boosted board the best Electric Skateboard?

Yes, but only the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual. It is superior to its competitors in many ways.

Is an Electric Skateboard worth it?

The electric skateboard can be used for daily commutes and fun, so it is totally worth it.

What is the cheapest Electric Skateboard?

Aceshin Portable Electric Skateboard is a great value for the money.

What is the fastest Electric Skateboard?

Teamgee H5 is the fastest skateboard because of its sleek design and powerful motor.

Is it easy to ride Electric Skateboard?

It is easier to ride Electric Skateboard than conventional Skateboards.

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