7 Best Skins for Your Hoverboard – Which You Must Try!

7 Best Skins for Your Hoverboard - Which You Must Try!

The hoverboards are fantastic gadgets, it is the astonishing mode of transport as well as hoverboards colorful skins draw more attention while riding over it!!

However, you must be very careful when riding on a hoverboard as it can get scratches if you are not good enough with it. The best things to prevent and make them look like a new again are hoverboard skin cases for extra protection.

They may also know as stickers for hoverboard, hoverboard covers; they not only protect the hoverboard but also make your two-wheel self-balancing scooter look fascinating.

There are lots of hoverboard cases available in the market, with enormous designs, but some don’t fit for a particular style of the self-balancing scooter.

So we are compiling the list of the best hoverboard skin decals, these are the best-rated skins that offer not just an aesthetic look but also has excellent durability to protect your hoverboard from scratches.

Are you ready to find the best and cheap hoverboard cases for your two-wheel scooter? If yes, then keep reading.

Why Do We Need Hoverboard Covers?

Hoverboards cases not only provide extra protection but also give a fascinating look to your hoverboard.

Also, sometimes the design you choose is not much good looking because of so many varieties in the market, and you even cannot figure out which one you should buy.

So to solve this problem, the pleasing aesthetic skin covers are available in the market.

These cases are also waterproof and protect your self-balancing scooter from getting wet. You have an option to replace the covers if, by any chance, it gets damaged with time as it can be replaced without being residues.

Hoverboard skin also protects your hoverboard from scratches, water, dents, bumps, etc. Self-balancing scooters are prone to contact with different terrains, so you need these hoverboard scratch protectors to prevent them from any damages.

Best Skins for Your Hoverboard in 2020

Who doesn’t like custom made hoverboards?

Today, there are lots of preferences when it comes to color, design, and styles. Thanks to these extraordinary skins, now you can customize your own hoverboard with different amazing covers.

Due to so much popularity and craze, there are so many varieties, brands available in the market. It is quite hard to find the best hoverboard skin for your two-wheel scooter.

But don’t worry; we have listed some of the best covers for you. These skins are;

Here are the 7 Best Skins for Hoverboard

  1. FBSPORT 6.5” Silicone Scratch Protector Case For Hoverboard
  2. Seafaring – 6.5 inch Silicone Hoverboard Case Cover
  3. GameXcel Sticker/Skin for Hoverboards
  4. Sticker Fit for Swagtron T5 Hoverboard
  5. MightySkins For Self Balancing Mini Scooter HoverBoard – Neon Splatter
  6. Swagtron T1 Silicone case for 6.5″ Hoverboard
  7. Mightyskins Skin Compatible With Razor Hovertrax 2.0

1. FBSPORT 6.5” Silicone Scratch Protector Case For Hoverboard

Who would not protect hundreds of dollars investments on their hoverboard? Off course, I would keep my hoverboard investment in pristine condition by protecting them with cover cases.FBSPORT 6.5” Silicone Scratch Protector Case For Hoverboard

FBSPORT has minimalist but elegant hoverboard cases for your hoverboard. They came with so many colors that make your self-balancing scooter looks more attractive than ever.

This silicon skin is pretty resilient that fits very well on all 6.5-inch hoverboards.

It is scratch-resistance, skid-resistance, and water-resistance that protect your hoverboard from any damage.

It’s very easy to install & fits great on the two-wheel scooter; you can do it yourself without any hardware tools, just slid in and ready to go.

It is also easy to plug off whenever you clean the hoverboard.

FBSPORT skin doesn’t obstruct the power button, LED lights, or charging ports of the hoverboard. Plenty of choices available to select the best color as you prefer because FBSPORT offers 18 elegant colors for your hoverboard.

Moreover, It fits on all standard 6.5 inches, such as MegaWheels, GOTRAX, etc. However, it won’t fit on Swagtron T1, VEEKO T5.

Key features

  • Easy installation
  • Elegant colors
  • Can detach without sticky residue
  • It is scratch-resistant, skid-resistant and water-resistant that help in protecting your hoverboard

2. Seafaring – 6.5 inch Silicone Hoverboard Case Cover

Seafaring is a silicon case specially designed to protect all 6.5-inch standard size hoverboards against scratches and bumps that may encounter while you are riding.Seafaring - 6.5 inch Silicone Hoverboard Case Cover

This case covers all parts of the hoverboard, including the top, down, and sides. Despite providing 360-degree protection to your self-balancing scooter, the cover case is ultra-light and weighs only 11 ounces.

That wouldn’t disturb your ride with carrying extra weight.

It is very easy to install the case; you don’t need glue, hardware tools, or any professional assistant. The video links that come with a purchase will help you through the installation of the skin.

Simply slide on your two-wheel electric scooter, it fits very well. The strong grip and elasticity of the case allow the jacket to stay on very firmly, especially when you are riding.

You have a choice to select the case in either Camo green or Red colors. However, this case doesn’t fit on Swagtron T1 or T5.

Key features

  • 360 shock absorption design that protects entire hoverboard
  • New look with beautiful colors
  • Easy to install
  • Scratch-resistant, water-resistant


3. GameXcel Sticker/Skin for Hoverboards

GameXcel stickers offer excellent stylish look and protection to your electric skateboard. It comes with many fascinating colors that give a whole new look to your hoverboard and sets it apart from the crowd. GameXcel Sticker-Skin for HoverboardsThese particular skins feature ultra-high gloss ink and covered with extra protection for ultimate durability made from 3M.

These hoverboard skin cases fit most of the hoverboard perfectly; however, as now new models arrive, you will need to do some measurement and sticker cutting to fit the ports, lights, and logo.

It is very simple to install the stickers on your hoverboard; you don’t need any sophisticated tools or help for installation.

It fits perfectly on the following brands; Swagway V1, Powerboard 15004, Powerboard G6, Monorover R2, Groundspeeder MK 1, Fiturbo F1, Hoverboard 1033, etc.

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Key feature

  • Great design with exciting colors
  • Made from 3m vinyl printed designs
  • Easy installation


4. Sticker Fit for Swagtron T5 Hoverboard

Here is another cheap hoverboard skin for you that gives ultimate protection to your 2-wheel scooter. It will fit on most of the leading brands, especially for Swagtron T5 and will provide ultimate protection Sticker Fit for Swagtron T5 Hoverboardfrom scratches while riding on different terrains.

However, for new models, it needs some paper cutting to fit the ports, logos, and light better.

The Swagtron T5 covers to protect the entire hoverboard from top, sides, and bottom against scrapes, scratches.

The installation is simple; don’t need to panic about any bubbles or wrinkles in the design at the time you put it on.

Also, you can remove the case very easily without any tools or help.

It works perfectly on Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Zippyboard Cruiser, HoverTech, Razor HoverPowerboard, Fiturbo F1, Monorover R2, etc.

It can also fit on the front of Wallygadgets and Coolreall but might apply for their obverse.

Key features

  • Easy installation
  • Available in the plenty of colors
  • Fits on almost all hoverboards


5. MightySkins For Mini Scooter HoverBoard – Neon Splatter

If you are a person who likes more fancy colors, fun, and excitement while riding on the roads, then MightySkins are the perfect choice for you. These are multi-colored and inexpensive skin made in the USA.

MightySkins For Mini Scooter HoverBoard - Neon Splatter

This skin is ultra-durable, ultra-thin, stain-resistant laminate vinyl that protects your hoverboard from scrapes, scratches, dings, dust, etc.

Putting your Mightyskin on your hoverboard is very simple and quick; the elastic grip of materials allows the skin to stay on self-balancing scooter firmly while you enjoy a ride.

Key features

  • Unique style
  • Excellent durability
  • Available in beautiful colors


6. Swagtron T1 Silicone case for 6.5″ Hoverboard

Swagtron is always at the top when it comes to producing the best hoverboards as well as hoverboards Swagtron T1 Silicone case for 6.5 Hoverboardskins. This fantastic military camouflage and the blue cover is obviously one of the best options available in the market. It is the silicon case that fits on Swagtron T1 models; it is resilient and has a good 360 shock absorption design that helps to protect all parts of your self-balancing scooter against drops and other damages.

Swagtron T1 case also covers your hoverboard from scratches, water, scrapes, etc.

It is very simple and easy to install; you don’t need any hardware tools such as screws or glues to install the cases, simply slide on and done.

The elastic grip allows the skin to stay on the hoverboard firmly while you are riding. It is available in Blue and military camouflage green colors.

However, the skin can only be fitted on Swagtron T1, it doesn’t work on T3 or T5.

Key features

  • Fast installation
  • Silicon scratch-resistant skin
  • Removable without sticky residues
  • 360 absorption design that protects against dents and damages


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7. Mightyskins Skin For Razor Hovertrax 2.0

If you are looking to have extra protection with more fun while riding your two-wheel electric scooter, Mightyskins Skin For Razor Hovertrax 2.0 you must have it with a multi-colored Mightyskins case.

These skins are specially designed from the 3M automotive-grade vinyl, with a fantastic design that gives an extraordinary look to your hoverboard.

The skins are available in plenty of fascinating colors and patterns, these skins not only provide a fresh and unique look to your self-balancing scooter but also protect your hoverboard from scratches, as these are durable and scratch-resistant.

You don’t need tools or any help to install the skin on your hoverboard, it is very easy to wrap up around, just slide on, and that’s it.

It also can remove quickly whenever you want, without leaving any scratches.

Key features

  • Available in plenty of colors and patterns
  • Easy installation
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-durable



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