5 Best Chargers For Hoverboard – [Updated Buyer’s Guide 2020]

5 Best Chargers For Hoverboard - [Updated Buyer's Guide 2020]

It is never easy to find a right Hoverboard charger for your device once the one supplied is misplaced or stops working if you don’t have the knowledge of the basic features of the charger and its compatibility with your hoverboard. Since chargers aren’t like the stuff whose quality can be predicted by just looking … Read more

1st Ever Flying Hoverboard Review – Flyboard Pro series by Zapata

First Ever Flying Hoverboard Review - Flyboard Pro series by Zapata

Flyboard Pro Series by Zapata Ever indulged in daydreaming about flying over water and jumping in and out of the water like a Gannet? If yes, your dreams have come true. Zapata racing provides you a device that makes you feel like you are flying over the water and lets you jump in and out … Read more

7 Best Skins for Your Hoverboard – Which You Must Try!

7 Best Skins for Your Hoverboard - Which You Must Try!

The hoverboards are fantastic gadgets, it is the astonishing mode of transport as well as hoverboards colorful skins draw more attention while riding over it!! However, you must be very careful when riding on a hoverboard as it can get scratches if you are not good enough with it. The best things to prevent and … Read more

Best Safe hoverboards to Ride in 2020 – Don’t Buy Without Reading this!

Best Safe Hoverboards to Ride in 2020

The hoverboards are a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric and portable scooter — initially, the term hoverboard used as a levitating device in the 1980’s Hollywood film culture. But who knew, today the hoverboard has come to be recognized as the latest and popular craze in self-propelled mobility. Generally, it works like powered skateboards, has a platform … Read more

Top 10 Best Hoverboard to Go Karts – [Choose The Best Hover Kart for Your Hoverboard!!]

10 Best Hoverboard to Go Karts – [Choose The Best Hover Kart for Your Hoverboard!!]

Do you fanaticize the hoverboard ride? Let’s do it in a different way. The hoverboard go kart is an innovative form of a traditional hoverboard. Now instead of a two-wheel hoverboard, experience a three-wheel hoverboard. This is more reliable regarding the security of the rider. For being in the race, it is supremely important to evolve … Read more

My Hoverboard Battery Life is Too Good – Tips to Follow

My Hoverboard Battery Life - Tips to follow

A two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, a hoverboard is the exciting mode of transport. It gained tremendous popularity and thundering applause, since the first introduction. Today, hoverboard battery life is much more reliable than it used to be! The lithium battery is an essential component in the regular hoverboard. Whether you are an experienced rider or a … Read more

10 Safety Certified Cheap Hoverboards Under $120 – [Reviews and Buying Guide 2020]

Cheap Hoverboards Under $120

Now you don’t need to suppress your desire of dream ride on a hoverboard, you can buy the Saftey Certified Cheap Hoverboards under 120$. Hoverboards have become the ultimate fantasy of everyone. As markets are over-loaded with these dream boards, therefore, Cheap Hoverboards are getting the space in the industry. Remember!! Despite being cheap, you have … Read more

Suprising Facts about OneWheel Pint Hoverboard!!

OneWheel Pint Hoverboard

What else can be more astonishing than riding on a onewheel electric Pint hoverboard? We are the luckiest generation witnessing the great revolutions of technology in our life; it already took over the mode of traveling to the next level!! The advancement in the motion sensors, battery technology, and mobility helped us to bring the … Read more

Justin Bieber and Other Celebrities on Hoverboards

Justin Bieber and Other Celebrities on Hoverboards

  Read the interesting list of Celebrities that love Hoverboards. Hoverboards are the two-wheeled electric scooters that are also known as self-balancing scooters. They are portable, powered by batteries, and can control by body position. The hoverboards gained enormous popularity since their first introduction and received thundering applause from thousands of people. The interest and … Read more